Features on the Short List

My immediate work for the next several weeks is going to be focused on improving the networking code. Nothing else I do will really matter much if the game experience is awful. There are three things I know I need to do for this:

  1. Implement server reconciliation
  2. Implement interpolation
  3. Reduce the size of the message traffic by compressing the message contents

I’m hoping these three improvements will make the game experience smooth for a much larger number of players. I’m thinking it will take about a week each.

But it is always fun to look ahead and think about the game play features that will make the game more exiting to play.

  1. Shields – I’ve had lots of feedback that adding shields to the game would be a major upgrade.
  2. Energy – This kind of goes along with shields in my mind because you don’t want to just have infinite shields. So adding energy will force players to manage their resources a bit. I’m planning for the ship’s energy to increase at some constant rate to a maximum capacity and decrease as various features of the ship are used.
  3. Hull Damage – At this point if you get shot or collide with anything your precious ship explodes. But I would like to add the concept of hull damage so that your ship can take a bit of punishment first. I think that will add a little more tension.
  4. Player Initials – Give the players a chance to type in their initials to appear below their ship so you have a better idea of who your opponents are.
  5. Kills – Keep track of the current number of kills a players has.
  6. Leader Board – Keep a top ten of the current players with the most kills.
  7. Warp In – Right now when a new ship is launched it just appears out of nowhere and occasionally dies immediately. Which is actually kind of funny sometimes but maybe not the best approach. I want to have the ship blink for a few seconds before it can actually fire or be hit by anything.

Well, there are about a million more features on my list but these are current at the top.

Agree or did I miss something totally obvious? Let me know in the comments!

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