First Presentation!

After a great and very busy summer I’m ready to start ramping up work on Space Frigates again. And to add a little more motivation I’ve committed to give a presentation to a local user’s group.

So I’ve got until the third Wednesday in May of 2019 to prepare a thirty minute presentation about the architecture and developer experience of Space Frigates. That sounds like a long time away but I know it will come quickly.

In addition to working on the actual presentation, I really want to work hard to try to stabilize the application to perform well with larger numbers of players. Most of the participants at these types of events bring laptops and I think it is safe to safe they will want to try the game. It will be really embarrassing if the performance is horrible.

So my top priority is improving the client and server code to perform properly in the face of increasing latency. I went back and reviewed several of the articles I had read previously and realize that I need to add server reconciliation and interpolation to the client code.

I also need to dig in and prove that there is in fact increasing latency as more people join the game and if so figure out where it is coming from.

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