GitHub Setup

Today I added a couple of quick items to the GitHub repo in order to start preparing it for other people to collaborate. Granted, that might be wishful thinking but I want to at least have everything in place in case people do want to check things out.

I added license file. I went with the MIT license. I was on the fence between that license and one of the GPL licenses but decided to go with MIT because most NPM packages are under MIT. That makes sense because it would be really hard to share NPM packages if everybody that consumed them had to change to the GPL license.

Also, having no license is not good because it means that all the material is technically under copyright and anybody collaborating with you would have to take the risk of violating your copyright.

I also added a Code of Conduct and Issue Templates. I just used the simple default ones that GitHub offers.

I’m basically just going down the checklist that GitHub provides on the Insights/Community tab.

Next I need to think through what I want to say on my Collaboration page. That takes a little more thought. What things do you even want people to collaborate on? How do you want to handle pull requests? What about issues? What about documentation? There is a fair amount to think about.

Finally, I need add a pull request template. I have no idea what this should look like yet. Will have to look around and see what some others have done.

Also, a couple of days ago I added a bunch of category tags too.

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