Shields: Day 2

Made good progress today! I was able to get all the new logic running the way I wanted it to work. My initial play testing results are good.

Charging the shields consumes all new energy being produced which makes you think twice about charging your shields unless you capacitor is fully charged already. That way you can still maneuver and defend yourself a bit while the shields are charging.

Once the shields are fully charged the consumption rate drops to half. This allows you to be a bit more liberal with your weapon and navigation systems.

And of course, turning the shields completely off allows you much more energy for increased rates of fire!!! But at the rest of taking damage directly to your hull.

I’m pretty happy with the look too. I wrote the code so that the shields fade in and out as they power up and down. I think it will look really cool later once the shields are actually taking damage because they will auto adjust as they absorb damage and then recharge back up.

Next Steps:

So, the shields work and look the way I want, for now. However, they don’t actually protect the ship yet! I need to update the collision detection algorithm to recognize when damage should be done to different objects. Right now it is very dumb… any collision results in both colliding objects to just be destroyed.

Once I have the collision detection improved I will also add the concept of Hull Points, aka health. This will represent the amount of damage that the ship can do before it is completely destroyed.

I also want to spruce up all the status indicators in the HUG will actual icons instead of the simple text that they have now. Maybe even have like a cool look panel that houses the indicators.

Might also be pretty cool to add a flash effect when the shields get hit too….

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