Feature Design: Ship Damage

Earlier we added the idea that each ship’s hull has a certain amount of “Hull Points” that has to be depleted before the ship explodes. You can tell your own ships remaining  “Hull Points” by looking at it’s status in the HUD. But you really have no idea how much damage other ships have taken until they finally explode.

Typically, most games indicate the remaining strength of things using a “Health Bar” that appears just below that thing. But that just didn’t appeal to me in this case.

What I think I am going to do is add a new visual element to each ship that shows their cockpit. Then, I will color the cockpit to indicate the current status of the ships Hull Points using the green, yellow and red to indicate basic status.

It is always how to predicate if something ends up working out the way you think until you just try it.

Here are the changes:

Ship Rendering

The only change I should need is just to update the ships rendering code to include the cockpit and also include the new logic to determine what color it should be based on the ships current level:

  • >= 66% => GREEN
  • >= 33% AND < 66% => YELLOW
  • > 33% => RED

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