Version 1.3.0

In this release we added the ability for players to enter a name when they start the game. The name is displayed just below their ship during play.

This really adds a lot of fun to the game because you can tell who the other ships below to, making it much easier to seek out and destroy your friends!

I decided to just not display any name for the Bots. I did this because it seemed redundant to have a bunch of ships flying around with the same name. Just having no name serves the same purpose. Plus, rendering text is actually fairly expensive so I wanted to save on that.

The implementation pretty much went as planned. I did end up saving off a couple of enhancements for a future release:

  1. Showing a blinking cursor in the text box. So far my test team indicated that it is not intuitive as to what you are supposed to do when first starting the map. I think having a blinking cursor will help with that.
  2. Add a “start” button. Having a start button should also help polish the landing.

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