Update: 2020.01.30

Added a number of new features including a new mini-map, improved leaderboard, and upgraded sound system!

  • Added a mini-map to the HUD display
  • Changed leaderboard to show kills and deaths instead of just score
  • Changed leaderboard to retain players’ stats for as long as their session is maintained
  • Upgraded sound system to include sounds from ships other than the player’s ship
  • Upgraded sound system to vary the volume level based on distance between the source of the sound and the player’s ship
  • Added solar panels to the ships so they slowly generate some energy even when out of fuel
  • Improved the look of the leaderboard
  • Improved the look of the status indicators
  • Removed an artificial governor from the ships maximum velocity
  • Fixed a bug that caused the ships to not look correct in Safari
  • Fixed a bug that caused some server side events to be missed on the client
  • Added instructions to inform the player they need to hit enter to start

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