Captain’s Blog: 2020.02.10

Pushed Out a Small Update

I noticed that several of the game aggregators out there had the URL of Space Frigates incorrect.

So I changed the title on the landing page to “” so that people could at least see what the real URL is and can access the game directly.


One of my top priorities moving forward is to create proper landing page for the app. I was going to start teaching myself CSS. But then I heard the Indie Hackers podcast with the founder from Webflow and decided to check it out.

Actual, I have two reasons for going this route:

  1. I think this will be much faster than learning CSS from scratch.
  2. I also want to get my daughter involved in the project and thought Webflow would be a great tool for her to learn. For helping me and for her own projects.

So, Hannah and I spent an hour together and watched a bunch of the tutorial videos on the site, which are awesome! Then we spent a couple of minutes trying a few things before we ran out of time.

My goal is to spendĀ  an hour with Hannah 3 to 4 times a week.

Once we have the landing page built, Webflow has an export function that I can use to get the code. You do have to subscribe to get the feature but think it will be worth it long term

After that, the next step will be figuring out how to incorporate the static site in to my app since it is a single page application.

More Game Aggregation Sites

I looked at my web traffic and found that two more aggregators linked to Space Frigates. Both from Spain. So that drove pretty nice traffic for the day, close to 100 visitors last time I looked.

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