Captain’s Blog: 2020.02.11

Quick Webflow Progress Report

So yesterday I spent one hour just watching tutorials and trying some really simple things in a blank project.

Today, I spent one hour and did the following two things:

I started working on the actual landing page.

All in all, the landing page should be really simple, just a typical landing page. The only thing that will really be a little different is that I would like potation of the top of the page to show the Space Frigates game, live. Kind of like the whole page looks now and contained to just like half the page.

I didn’t really get too far. I added a NavBar, a Header Section and a Footer Section. I also added a two column layout to the header section. My intention is to have the left column show some typical copy and call to action. The right column would show the actual game in progress.

The footer would show all the normal footer stuff.

Then I started work on exporting the code so that I could add it to my existing application

The first thing here is that you can not export code from Webflow with the free account. The cheapest plan that lets you export code is $17 a month (with a one year commitment) or $25 a month at a time. I decided to go with the one month plan to make sure the solution would really work for me before making a bigger investment.

Once I had the code exported I started the process of adding the exported code into my project. Webflow generated more code than I expected so I started playing around to determine what I really have to move in and what I don’t have to move in.

I was still working on that when I ran out of time. An hour goes fast!!!

For Tomorrow

I think when I pick up tomorrow I will make sure I can get the simple layout grafted into my application. Once I have that working, I ‘ll go back to Webflow and continue to work on the layout.

With any luck I think I can have a new improved landing done by the end of the week.

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